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    1. Pick Your Block

    Colonial Building Company Design Process Step 1
    As we specialise in homes that suit both sloping and flat lots, CBCO will have no problems with the land you have. Just come in and see us, bring the details of your block, and take advantage of what we call “Your Own Personal Design Service”.

    2. Your Design & Budget Analysis

    Colonial Building Company Design Process Step 2

    At your local design centre, your design consultant will work with you to put your ideas and dreams down on paper, or you can work with one of our timeless designs.

    We design to your needs. By placing you in control of your budget and house design, each home is customised to your individual requirements.

    3. Preliminary & Revised Estimate

    Colonial Building Company Design Process Step 3

    To provide you with a more accurate estimate of the cost of the construction of your home, we need to conduct a soil test, wind rating and contour survey. In some cases, we also need to address fire issues and waste discharge.

    To achieve this, an agreement must be made, which addresses the required services and associated costs. Any amount paid at this stage is deducted from the deposit should you proceed to a contract for your home.

    Once you have accepted the estimate, we can then proceed to contract.

    4. Signing Your Contract

    Colonial Building Company Design Process Step 4

    On acceptance of the contract price, we will prepare the residential building contract for your signing. If you require finance, your lending authority will require a copy of this to approve your loan application. If you are paying cash, a joint cash management account must be opened for the security of both parties.

    5. Lodging Your Plans

    Colonial Building Company Design Process Step 5

    While you await formal home loan and covenant approval (if needed), Colonial Building Company prepares a building application for lodging with the local authorities. Once the loan and covenants have been approved, we will pay the relevant fees and insurance, and submit your plans for approval.

    6. Make Your Colour Selection

    Colonial Building Company Design Process Step 6

    While the local authorities process your application, we invite you in to select the finishes for your new home. This is an exciting time and together with one of our trained consultants, we completely document your dream home. Even at this stage, we can accommodate some minor non-structural changes.

    7. Construction Start

    Colonial Building Company Design Process Step 7
    Once we have received all relevant construction approvals, together with an authority to commence construction from your lender if required, we are ready to start. Our guarantee to your is that we will start within 20 days of satisfying these conditions.

    8. During Construction

    Colonial Building Company Design Process Step 8

    We will provide our experienced construction supervisor’s contact details so that you can discuss the building process with him. Remember, you are free to call us at any time.

    Due to our stringent Workplace Health & Safety program, we limit access to the building site during the entire construction period, but if you feel that there is an issue or problem you cannot resolve with your construction supervisor, please feel free to contact Colonial Building Company.

    9. Quality Control & Handover

    Colonial Building Company Design Process Step 9

    We have a three-stage quality control program that covers the whole of the construction process.

    1. Your construction supervisor monitors quality during construction
    2. Your construction supervisor carries out a rigorous inspection and remedy process at the end of works
    3. We invite you to inspect your new home and any matters are addressed prior to handover

    Once we are all satisfied with your new home, you will be presented with your key. In addition to this, all our homes have a six-year, six-month warranty.

    Call us today on 07 3871 1003  to receive a free quote on our building design services.

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